ABQ Metro Taxi Cab Meter And Flat Rates
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ABQ Metro Taxi Cab Meter And Flat Rates

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Overview -

As drivers independently contracted by Giant Cab Company of Albuquerque, we provide service to the extended Albuquerque metro area and surrounding counties. We also provide service to other destinations within the state of New Mexico.

Flat rate pricing for long distance New Mexico taxi transportation

Flat Rate Charges From Albuquerque -

The following popular destinations have flat rate one-way fare charges:

Espanola:  $134.00
Gallup:  $220.00
Grants:  $124.00
Las Vegas:  $196.00
Los Alamos:  $148.00
Santa Fe:  $110.00
Socorro:  $123.00
Taos:  $206.00
Taos Ski Valley:  $249.00
Truth or Consequences:  $238.00

Call for a flat rate quote on other New Mexico destinations over 50 miles from the Albuquerque metro area.

We serve the extended Albuquerque metro area and surrounding counties.

Metered Taxi Rates -

Fares to all other metro area destinations are based on the taxi’s meter. Our regular meter rate is $2.95 to hire and $0.26 per tenth of mile ($2.60 per mile). The wait charge is $0.26 for approximately 36 seconds when the taxi is stopped ($26.00 per hour).  There is an additional charge of $1.00 for each passenger beyond the first, and an airport access fee of $1.00 for fares coming from the Sunport.  These prices include New Mexico gross receipts tax.

Your Albuquerque taxi service solution

Demand Excellence and Safety for Yourself.
The state-certified cabs we drive have full commercial insurance and follow all state and local transportation and safety regulations.
Accept no dangerous substitutes.
Use our network exclusively.

We accept all major credit cards
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