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ABQ Metro Taxi, LLC - PRC 57174

Daniel Ricker started the website ABQ Metro Taxi Service in 2013, while driving as an independent contractor for Yellow Checker Cab Company of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was frustrated with good passengers complaining about their difficulty dealing with the central dispatch and phone personnel, and thought it would be better if customers could talk directly to the driver that was going to pick them up. The website was a big success, and in 2015, Daniel joined Giant Cab's team of independent contractors. Then in 2018, Daniel and Rose Ricker started ABQ Metro Taxi, LLC, and now run a small taxicab company of their own. To make sure that all callers are assisted, dozens of experienced, professional drivers from various state-certified cab companies are available to answer calls from ABQ Metro Taxi Service.

Giant Cab Company - PRC 56380

Robert Torch (Taxi Bob) is the owner of Giant Cab Company of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He founded it in 2012, after eight years of applications to the Public Regulatory Commission, along with hearings, lawyers, and challenges from the big cab companies. Since then, his fleet of white Crown Victorias with a big red stripe has slowly but steadily grown. Taxi Bob keeps persevering, because he believes there's a need for personalized service in the taxi industry, a human side that's difficult for the big cab companies to accomplish. He and his team of dedicated professionals are ready to serve you today.

We're Here To Serve You -

Give us a call now at (505) 450 - 8580, and let the professional drivers at ABQ Metro Taxi Service be your Albuquerque cab transportation solution. All major credit and debit cards accepted.

ABQ Metro Taxi Service
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The Long Goodbye, by Daniel Del Orfano
Demand Excellence and Safety for Yourself.
As drivers, we must pass a comprehensive background check, and abide by a zero tolerance drug policy.
The state-certified cabs we drive have full commercial insurance and follow all state and local transportation and safety regulations.
Accept no dangerous substitutes.
Use our network exclusively.

We accept all major credit cards.